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In this time of vanishing public funding, restricted concert venues, and audiences tending to stay home or glued to their mobile devices, what does it take to produce an ambitious program of intimate chamber music performance?

(1) Dedicated, passionate and skilled musicians;
(2) audiences who long to hear and experience the music;
(3) an appropriate place to perform;
(4) allies to make it all happen;
(5) MONEY, for artist fees, piano tuning, and some unavoidable non-profit overhead (music licensing, liability insurance, etc).

Why MONEY? Can't ticket fees cover the expenses? No, they cannot. Tickets cover only about one third to one half of the costs, depending on the number of artists. All the rest of the money must be raised through donations!

Our players typically earn their living through music, either playing in orchestras or teaching or free lance work, or a combination of these. Chamber music requires dedication and some sacrifice - it never pays enough to justify the time spent in study and rehearsal. These musicians play here because they want to make great music happen.

You can do your part by contributing to Washington Musica Viva! (All contributions are tax-deductible).

Thank you!

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Co-Directors, Washington Musica Viva, Inc.


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Please make checks payable to Washington Musica Viva and mail to: 7502 Flower Avenue, Takoma Park MD 20912

Washington Musica Viva is a 501c3 organization. Your contribution is fully tax deductible.